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Farewell Boyd & Sky! (TV Soap, 6th August 2007)

Sky & Boyd's Sea Change (TV Week, 28th July 2007)

Teen Fans Meet Boy Next Door (Evening Chronicle, 27th July 2007) NEW

Kyal at Katy's (Strabane Chronicle, 26th July 2007)

Neighbours Stars Pop Round to Honour Kids (Sheffield Star, 14th July 2007)

I’m a Soap Star Make Me Sweat (AXM, July 2007)

Boyd Lashes Out (TV Week, 30th June 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 25th - Fri 29th June (TV Week, 23rd June 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 4th - Fri 8th June (TV Week, 2nd June 2007)

Smashing End (TV Week, 2nd June 2007)

Neighbours Stars to Appear at The Music Box (Cambs24, 30th May 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 28th May - Fri 1st June (TV Week, 26th May 2007)

Kyal Marsh (Cherwell, 18th May 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 14th - Fri 18th May (TV Week, 12th May 2007)

Goodbye Neighbours (OK, 7th May 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 7th - Fri 11th May (TV Week, 5th May 2007)

Hot Goss (TV Week, 28th April 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 2nd - Fri 6th April (TV Week, 31st March 2007)

Neighbours Star to Quit Acting (, 29th March 2007)

Neighbours Boyd to Exit Ramsay Street (What's on TV, 27th March 2007)

Kyal Marsh (Neighbours' Boyd Hoyland) Interview (, 12th March 2007)

Hot Plots Mon 12th - Fri 16th March: Fatal Explosion (TV Week, 10th March 2007)

Open Marriage (TV Week, 3rd March 2007)

Slap in the Face (TV Week, 24th February 2007)

Mistress Mischief (TV Week, 17th February 2007)

TV Inside (TV Week, 10th February 2007)

Neighbours Exodus (TV Week, 10th February 2007)

Mailman Delivers (Sunday Herald Sun, 28th January 2007)

Homecoming (TV Week, 13th January 2007)

Green-Eyed Monster (TV Week, 6th January 2007)





Set Secrets (TV Week, 30th December 2006)

Rocked to the Core (TV Week, 30th December 2006)

Standover Man (TV Week, 18th November 2006)

Indiscretion (TV Week, 11th November 2006)

Altered State (TV Week, 4th November 2006)

Neighbours: A Day on the Set with Pippa Black & Dan O’Connor (TV Week, 14th October 2006)

Manic Decision (TV Week, 7th October 2006)

Mad Max! (TV Soap, 2nd October 2006)

Mad Max (TV Week, 30th September 2006)

Settling the Score (TV Week, 23rd September 2006)

Shifting the Blame (TV Week, 9th September 2006)

You Asked...Kyal Marsh (Inside Soap, 9th September 2006)

I Won't Marry You (TV Choice, 29th July 2006)

Busted Cheating (Soap World, 17th July 2006)

Moment of the Week (TV Week, 1st July 2006)

Making It Official (TV Week, 24th June 2006)

Young Lovers Elope (TV Soap, 12th June 2006)

It's Party Time! - Logies 2006 (TV Week, 20th May 2006)

Neighbours Teens Tie the Knot (TV Soap, 15th May 2006)

Surprise Proposal (TV Week, 6th May 2006)

The Street of Dreams (The Age Magazine, May 2006)

Jealous Guy (TV Week, 15th April 2006)

Love is in the Air (TV Week, 8th April 2006)

Talk of the Town (TV Week, 1st April 2006)

Bowled Over (TV Week, 18th March 2006)

Preparing for the Worst (TV Week, 4th March 2006)

Shane Warne Films His Cameo (BBi, March 2006)

Physical Challenge (TV Week, 4th February 2006)

Testing Times (TV Week, 28th January 2006)

Poor Feelings (TV Week, 21st January 2006)

Past Concerns (TV Week, 14th January 2006)

Gangsters' Paradise! (Inside Soap, 7th January 2006)

Pet Facts: Kyal Marsh (, 2006)





Kids Enjoy Festive Sparkle (Herald Sun, 1st December 2005)

Country Romance (TV Week, 19th November 2005)

Tragedy Sparks Love (TV Soap, 31st October 2005)

Cool Comfort (TV Week, 22nd October 2005)

Kyal Get's Clucky (BBCi, October 2005)

Young Love (TV Week, 24th September 2005)

From Boyd to Man (TV Week, 3rd September 2005)

TV Week Collector Book (TV Week, 30th July 2005)

Neighbours 20th Birthday Special (TV Week, 30th July 2005)

Family Fallout (TV Week, 16th July 2005)

Changing Roles (TV Week, 9th July 2005)

Street Party! (TV Week, 9th July 2005)

Access All Areas (TV Week, 9th July 2005)

Behind the Scenes (TV Week, July 2005)

Neighbours 20th Anniversary Cocktail Party (Sunday Herald Sun, 3rd July 2005)

Baby Blues (TV Week, 2nd July 2005)

Good Neighbours Celebrate 20 Years (Herald Sun, 29th June 2005)

Taking the Reins (TV Week, 21st May 2005)

Party On! (TV Week, 14th May 2005)

Neighbours - Hall of Fame Inductee (TV Week, 14th May 2005)

Splitsville! (TV Week, 7th May 2005)

Classic TV Couples (TV Week, 7th May 2005)

TV Hits (TV Hits, May 2005)

Logies White-out (Herald Sun, 29th April 2005)

Boyd's Big Problem (BBCi, 28th April 2005)

Ramsay Street Party (TV Week, 23rd April 2005)

In Limbo (TV Week, 23rd April 2005)

Fit of Panic (TV Week, 16th April 2005)

Obsession (BBCi, 15th April 2005)

This Week on Neighbours... (TV Week, 9th April 2005)

No Sweat! (The TV Mag/The Sun, 9th April 2005)

Boyd's Hurt (BBCi, 7th April 2005)

Boyd's Confession (TV Week, 2nd April 2005)

Dangerous Lies (BBCi, 22nd March 2005)

Actor of the Week (BBCi, 3rd March 2005)

Boyd & Serena! (BBCi, 22nd February 2005)

Disorderly Conduct (TV Week, 12th February 2005)

Kyal Marsh Q&A (Sunday Telegraph, 6th February 2005)

Neighbours (The Sun, 5th February 2005)

Gym Junkie (TV Week, 5th February 2005)

Vocal for Locals (TV Week, 29th January 2005)

Caught Out (TV Week, 22nd January 2005)

Stowaway! (BBCi, 14th January 2005)

Last Straw! (BBCi, 13th January 2005)

Fire! (BBCi, 12th January 2005)

Fire Starter (The TV Mag/The Sun, 8th January 2005)

Backstage: Wrap Party (BBCi, 7th January 2005)




Hot & Steamy (TV Week, 18th December 2004)

Dangerous Liaisons (TV Week, 20th November 2004)

No Way Back (TV Week, 6th November 2004)

Actor of the Week (BBCi, 3rd November 2004)

Happy Birthday, Kyal! (BBCi, 16th August 2004)

The Truth is Out! (BBCi, 15th July 2004)

Kyal's Beach Holiday (BBCi, 30th June 2004)

Boyd's Defiance (BBCi, 11th June 2004)

Actor of the Week (BBCi, 26th May 2004)

Sky & Boyd Come Clean (BBCi, 27th April 2004)

Boyd & Sky take the Plunge (BBCi, 8th April 2004)

Boyd's Angst (BBCi, 2nd April 2004)

Actor of the Week (BBCi)




Ask the Actor (BBCi, 4th September 2003)

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