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Kyal wins Cirque de Celebrite!

17th December 2007

Belated congratulations to Kyal who won this year's Cirque de Celebrite last Sunday (9th December).


I didn't see the show myself but the voting on these "celebrity" reality shows tends to more dodgy than Eurovision. Kyal probably got more votes for his shirtless torso than for his unicycling skills. Still, it's got him publicity. That's what this was all about.




Bye Bye Boydie

26th October 2007

It was a rather ignominoius end after more than 5 years on Neighbours. Boyd has not had any storylines for the last couple of months and the exit story came out of the blue. There was a time when TPTB would make Kyal strip to his jocks every other episode just to pull in the viewers. But now that he is over the hill he has been chucked onto the scrapheap.


So what now for Kyal? Will it be a life of "celebrity" reality shows and stripping for plastered university students every Friday night or will he make it big? The omens aren't good.


Rest assured that whatever happens KMO will continue to be updated with the latest news about Kyal. Other downmarket sites may have given up on Kyal many months ago when they could no longer make money from his flesh but KMO has, since it's launch four years ago, been the most comprehensive and up to date website dedicated to Kyal.




Cirque de Celebrite

23rd September 2007

Kyal's is to appear in the coming series of Cirque de Celebrite on Sky One. Cirque de Celebrite, for those of you who haven't seen it before, is the usual formulaic celebrity reality show where a bunch of d-list celebrities put themselves through public humiliation just for the publicity.


Kyal's fellow contestants are Antonia Okonma, Dean Holdsworth, Dwain Chambers, Emily Scott, Hannah Waterman, Lady Isabella Hervey, Luke Bailey, Princess Tamara, Ritchie Neville, Shane Lynch and Stacey Cadman. Kudos to you if you've heard of any of these "celebrities".


The series kicks off on Sunday 7 October at 8.00pm on Sky One.





The End is Nigh

29th July 2007

Kyal's final Neighbours epsiode will be broadcast this Friday (3rd August) in Oz. It will be broadcast on Friday 26th October in the UK.


As expected Boyd, Sky and Kerry will follow in the footsteps of many Ramsay Street residents and retire to Queensland.




Neighbours Night - Neighbours Revealed

14th July 2007

Kyal and Ben Nicholas will be presenting Neighbours Night, five 30 minute episodes of Neighbours Revealed, on BBC3 tonight (14th July) from 8.25pm to 10.50pm. They link all the episodes together, filmed in London this week. They also appear in most of the five episodes.


If you miss this the first time around, it will be repeated again early Sunday (15th July) morning between 1.20am and 3.50am. The five episodes will then be repeated individually at 12.00am on Tuesday (17th July), 1.10am on Wednesday (18th July), 12.45am on Thursday (19th July), 12.55am on Friday (20th July) and 1.40am on Saturday (21st July). Don't miss it, you'll certainly have plenty of opportunites to watch it!




Coming to a Student Bar Near You!

3rd June 2007

Kyal's whirlwind tour of British student bars has entered its second month. So far he has been to Loughborough University (4 May), University of Hertfordshire (11 May), Oxford, Sheffield Hallam University, and Brunel University. In the next few weeks Kyal will be at St Ives (8 June), Anglia Ruskin University (9 June) and University of East Anglia (13 July). Let's hope all of this achieves something.


As an alumni I can tell Kyal that he and Ben are in for a treat at UEA. Forget the bright lights and shiny skyscrapers of Melbourne - nothing can beat the concrete jungle that is UEA. Landmarks include the giant weaving breezeblock (aka the teaching building), the LCR, the Union Pub & Bar, The Street and The Square (an inverse pyramid that you shouldn't go near if you've had one too many). You won't be able the see the late, great Waveney Terrace but they can't knock down Norfolk Terrace and Suffolk Terrace! Sure there are modern, award winning buildings at UEA but it's the original 1960's buildings that make UEA unique. And it being the middle of July you should have the whole campus to yourself.


If Kyal's appeared / is appearing at your student union bar please contact the webmaster.




Skoyd Forever

19th May 2007

There has been much discussion on the internet about Boyd's exit storyline from Neighbours.


The good news is that, unlike Scott Timmins, Boyd won't be killed off. In a recent interview with Kyal said that " looks good for Boyd, seems like he will leave on good terms and with a woman he is meant to be with". So who will this woman be?


It won't be Janae. Eliza Taylor-Cotter is one of the few members of the Neighbours cast to survive the great Ramsay Street massacre of 2006/07. Everyone's hoping it won't be Glenn. The outside tip and every fan's favourite is Sky. We know that Kyal and Stephanie McIntosh finished filming at the same time. Will Boyd and Sky (and baby Kerry) sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after in Queensland like Billy and Anne?


Stay tuned.




Kyal's in the UK!

5th May 2007

After filming his final Neighbours scenes on 20th April Kyal flew into the UK last week for a publicity tour.


He was at Loughborough University yesterday (4 May) and he was also apparently at a club in Oxford. If you know any details about Kyal's appearences please contact the webmaster.





Kyal Quitting Showbusiness?

17th March 2007

In a recent interview with Kyal has stated that, when he leaves Neighbours, he wants to join his father's shop fitting business. He also wants to join the Army Reservists.


Is this the end of Kyal's acting career? Watch this space.




Kyal's Leaving Neighbours

11th February 2007

The Sunday Herald Sun has confirmed that Kyal will be leaving Neighbours after more than five years on the show. Kyal will film his last scenes in late April. Kyal's final episode will then be aired sometime in September in Oz and in December in the UK.


Kyal's departure is a part of the biggest cull of characters ever seen in Neighbours. By the end of this year Ramsay Street will look a very different to what it looked like at the begining of this year.


Kyal has confirmed that it was not his decision to leave Neighbours. He was in effect sacked.


Unlike Ben Nicholas and Damien Bodie, Kyal does not have much acting expereience outside Neighbours. Kyal plans to follow Ben's footsteps and try doing pantomime in the UK. He might also try his luck in the USA.


We wish Kyal all the best for the future and hopefully we will see him back on our screens soon.


If you would like to leave a message about Kyal's departure please use the forum.



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